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Replace Pioneer

Anyone who is a developer, programmer or a coder knows that any text editor of your choice is the most ¬†important piece of software you can have. But do you that there’s also a software that compliments with your text editor? Yep, it’s a text/binary replace tool software. I search out there and there is one that I can recommend that is worth the price tag. I even bought a license for it (not any crack version of any kind). […]

Dado Banatao ANC Interview

Dado Banatao: Philippines is 30 years behind

What an inspiring Filipino, engineer Dado Banatao was born poor but his parents did all to ensure he get a good education. He persevered became an engineer and was the architect of the first chip set. Went to Silicon Valley and became a billionaire selling his inventions. Now he is back in the Philippines helping to discover children from his poor beginning in the hope that he can duplicate him self by the millions. Dado Banatao advise for the Philippines […]

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.

Recently I ran across the redesigned Cebu Bloggers Society Inc website and surprisingly it’s using the same theme as this website. Nice choice! Because their previous choice of theme was well not good. They were using Delicate News by Elegant Themes before they switch to the Genesis Framework using the News child theme. Anyway, Cebu Bloggers team has done a great job in pooling talented bloggers in Cebu and I hope they will shine to the world that Cebuanos are […]