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PennDave Manor 2 LOT FOR SALE Panoramic View

Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines

PennDave Manor 2 Preselling lot in Sitio Pitogo, Barangay Tubod, Minglanilla, Cebu.

The access road leading to the site is approximately 1.9 kilometers or 8-9 minutes travel from Belmont Village access road. It’s not hard to located the access road. From Star Mall Talisay you get to pass by Plaza Margarita then a few blocks, you will see signage – BELMONT VILLAGE.

Belmont Village access road

Belmont Village access road

If you can watch Youtube video and you have highspeed Internet connection, I have a video explaining the location. Click the Play button below:

PennDave Manor 2 Lot Only (Preselling)

This latest project is a 5-hectare land development consisting of over 4 hectares of salable lots, the remaining lots allocated to amenities like subdivision roads (6.5 meters wide), clubhouse, basketball court, swimming pool & parks and playground. These parcel of lots are to be subdivided and separated into blocks and lot number. The block with the most panoramic view is Block 1, and as of October 24, 2016 (it’s grand launching day) it is already sold out already.

The amenities are second to none. At least at this part of Tubod, Minglanilla no other subdivision lot only offers swimming pool with overlooking view, only at PennDave Manor 2 subdivision. Here are the highlights of the amenities included:

  • Gate with guardhouse,
  • Wide concrete subdivision roads
  • Perimeter fence
  • Underground drainage
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball court
  • Swimming pool.
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Lights and Water Connections
PennDave Manor 2 Amenities -Entrance / Exit Gate

PennDave Manor 2 Amenities -Entrance / Exit Gate

PennDave Manor 2 Amenities - Clubhouse

PennDave Manor 2 Amenities – Clubhouse

PennDave Manor 2 Amenities - Swimming Pool

PennDave Manor 2 Amenities – Swimming Pool

Pricing Scheme of PennDave Manor 2 Subdivision

The price per square meter (abbreviated sq.m. for the rest of this article) in Minglanilla inside subdivision is not less than 5,000 pesos per sqm. It make sense because Minglanilla is sandwich between two cities, Talisay and Naga and lands across Minglanilla have only a few location good for residential project. With PennDave Manor 2, the price is at P5,500 pesos per sqm and that’s the preselling price. Nearby subdivision is now at 6,500/sqm to 8,000/sqm. You also have the nicest sea view and city view across the horizon. The lot areas are subdivided into different lot cutting. The smallest area is 64sqm while the biggest area is about 250sqm. In between, there are 100sqm, 150sqm and 200sqm. You can also avail higher lot areas by choosing 2 or more adjacent lots to get your desired lot area. If you’re planning a mansion, 500sqm or more is perfectly modest but having more than 500sqm that is pretty impressive.


Computation Example:

Before you decide, you want to know how much is the monthly payment you allocate your budget for 5 years. Since this is a form of investment, you shouldn’t worry that you pay a certain amount per month knowing that this is for your future and the future of your children or perhaps a gift to your family or parents. Say, if you decide to choose a 250 square meter lot area, the monthly payment is as follows:

250 sqm x 5,500/sqm = P1,375,000 pesos (total value of the lot)

less 10,000 reservation deposit (each lot area)

1,365,000 divide by 60 months (5 years x 12 months) = P22,750 monthly


That’s the straight monthly payment option. Should you wish to pay lump sum or pay certain amount, commonly called downpayment (15% of the total price), but this is optional but highly encourage if you do have the money. Why? Because your monthly payment will be lowered and you get to enjoy the discount based on the percentage of the total amount. Let me illustrate that to you:

If you wish to pay 15% of the total price: 15% x 1,375,000 = 206,250 pesos (15% of Total price)

less 5%  of 206,250 = 195,937.50 (you saved 10,312.50 pesos)

less reservation deposit of 10,000 = 185,937.50 pesos (total downpayment after 3o days from reservation)

Balance: 85% of 1,375,000 = 1,168,750 divide by 60 months = 19,479 per month

So from 22,750 monthly, you lowered your monthly payment to 19,479 monthly by making a downpayment of 15% of the total price. That downpayment is optional and you are not required. You can even pay more than the monthly payment so that when the year ends, you can even avail rebate based on recomputation of your monthly payment.


Check below some photos from the actual site:

2016-10-24_22-02-26 14797557_10157687414275327_180216239_n


Check out also the video for PennDave Manor 2

PennDave Manor 2 will sell fast!

With the success of the first PennDave Manor which was launched 8 months ago (February 2016) which was sold out in just 8 days, this new project which is almost 4 times larger (previous is only 1.4 hectares) will also follow the success of selling fast and it is projected to be sold out in 30 to 40 days! And that’s even a conservative estimate.


If you’re looking for residential lot to build your dream home for retirement or for vacation home, Minglanillans and Naganians, this is your chance. Please contact Aileen Ferrer at 0936-9013381 or via Messenger at http://m.me/adzdotph and inquire about when is next site viewing schedule.

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