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Farm Lot For Sale in Barangay Pung-ol Sibugay, Cebu City

Pung-ol Sibugay, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Farm Lot For Sale in Barangay Pung-ol Sibugay, Cebu City

This farm lot for sale is located in Barangay Pung-ol Sibugay, Cebu City approximately 15 kilometers from JY Square Lahug. The only traffic you have to experience is from Lahug traffic light intersection and after you pass through that going to Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, it’s an easy but uphill ride. Take caution of a few steep curves going uphill but motorist are well aware of how going upward is an exciting experience since you’ll get to view the mountain terrain, the trees and the cities down below.

This road is a trans-central highway going to Balamban. The road is very wide and you will pass through the following spots:

  • Mr A’s Bar And Restaurant
  • Chateau De Busay
  • Jardin De Busay
  • Lantaw Native Restaurant
  • Tops Busay
  • La Tegola Busay

Then you’ll reach Barangay Malubog. These locations are uphill but once you are near the entrance going to Tops Lookout, it’s more of downhill though there are uphill ride on the way too. Then after that, you reach Barangay Babag, Cebu City where you get to view beautiful white and yellow flowers lining up the mountain, lush greenery and stunning landscape- there’s no denying the beauty of the mountains of Cebu City.

A few kilometers down the road you reach the barangay road going to Barangay Pung-ol Sibugay and from there only less than 3 kilometers you’ve reach your destination.

Farm Lot For Sale in Pung-ol Sibugay Cebu City

Farm Lot For Sale in Pung-ol Sibugay Cebu City

This farm lot in Sibugay, Cebu City sits in the valley near the barangay proper of Pung-ol Sibugay before Kan-Irag Nature Park, Ayala Heights. It is 14-hectare property with only 6 hectares were salable lots. The farm lot is divided into several parcel of lots with various lot cutting. The total exact salable lot area for sale is 60,249 square meters. The lowest cutting available is 250 square meters and varying lot cutting of 300 square meters, 500 square meters and 800 square meters available. More than 1,000 square meters can be achieved by combining 2 or more adjacent lots. This farm lot can be allowed to construct a house but that’s optional since this lot is intended for farming. The developer will develop a road within the farm lot according to the sketch plan certified by Geodetic Engineer.

Farm Lot in Sibugay Cebu City Sketch Map Subdivision Plan

Farm Lot in Sibugay Cebu City Sketch Map

Plants and fresh vegetables grew abundantly in these area since the soil is very good and healthy for farming, plenty of natural source of spring water and various mango trees surround the plantation.

Among the flowers grow here are roses, chrysanthemums, anthuriums and other ornamental flowers. Vegetables that I found while I was there was eggplants, bitter melon, green pepper, okra and other leafy and culinary vegetables.

When you decide to avail this, it’s affordable as monthly installment for 6 years to pay without any added interest. This is inhouse financing from the developer and you can pay directly to the developer’s office, to the developer’s bank account number or issue a PDC or post-dated check.

Example Computation for 250 sqm lot area of Farm Lot in Sibugay, Cebu City

Price: P 2,800 per sqm
Reservation Fee: 10,000 pesos
250 sqm x 2,800 = P700,000 pesos less reservation = 690,000 divide by 72 months = P9,583 per month

The reservation deposit however is not the same amount across different lot cutting. Below is the breakdown:

250 sq.m ( P/10,000 reservation fee)
300sq.m (P/20,000 reservation fee)
500 sq.m ( P/30,000 reservation fee)

The reservation fee is part of the total price so this is deductible before you compute for the monthly installment as shown from the above example computation.

There’s no interest and there’s no equity and inhouse financing only.

If you are one of those who wants to own a farm lot and in the future plan to build a farm house as a vacation destination away from the city, then this Farm Lot for sale in Pung-ol Sibugay in Cebu City is for you. It’s free from pollution, without much noise from cars and jeeps, with fresh air and no need air-conditioning system during night time because the temperature here is very cool. You can’t never be wrong with this property endorsed and marketed with a licensed real estate broker.

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