MoneyMax Housing Loan Application for House Improvement

Housing Loan Application for Home Improvement

Is your home looking a little sad, like it needs some sprucing up? Then maybe it’s time for a renovation, or a home improvement project! To have the most bang for your buck, why not have plants in your yard? Trees and other potted plants can actually help increase your property’s value. You might also want to give the house a fresh coat of paint to make it look livelier and homier. Don’t forget to inspect all the nooks and […]

Man At Desk Holding Money

Create Passive Income

Globalization and the Great Recession profoundly impact every section of the market. These are probably the most massive movements of people and money in the history of the world as well as the financial industry. Everyone needs to build and to rebuild their career and their financial future. After the Super BPM you will be able to know how: 1. to increase your cash flow; 2. to cut down your expenses; 3. to reduce your debt and liability; 4. money […]

The X-Curve of Life

Our Financial life is form like the X-curve. Two lines that have Intersected each other but have connection in life. One line that going up is called the law of building wealth in short is savings line. Most of the young, if we talk about savings are less saving or have no savings. because we don’t priority and we thought that we can save later. The other line going up is Law of decreasing responsibility. Meaning we have big responsibility […]

Financial Security

The 6 steps to Personal Financial Security

In Building of Personal Financial Security First,  Increase Cash Flow we should have more source of Income stream, not only focus on employment. You should have back-up career like businesses and Investments. If something happen you already prepare for the rainy days. Second, Manage Debt we should understand how to consolidate debt and eliminate debt. Remember always debt is temporary solution when it pay, it turn to problem. How to avoid debts is to live below your means. Third, Create […]