Latest Classified Ads in the Philippines –

The online classified ads in the Philippines are growing rapidly thanks to the vibrant economy and positive outlook of the enterprise here in the Philippines.

With the acquisition/merger of, into many advertisers and sellers are looking for other websites to post and advertise especially in the real estate and cars category where it’s very active and most populated area in the ads space.

Another website that promises to deliver results not only in search engine ranking, visibility, social relevance but also contextual result is a website developed by a Cebuano web developer and Digital Marketer, Mr. Clifford Enoc.

He is popularly known as CliffordX, an internet marketer who were active in selling affiliate products online and eventually creating and making his own product and services , like the Mastermind Training for Filipino marketer trained how to market effectively on Facebook.

His new website is his latest project to compete in the online advertising space. The premise of being not only just another classified ads is that it offers a community of advertisers how to effectively market online. Being an experience online marketer for over 10 years, Clifford Enoc knows the online marketing game. features not only what you found on other classified ads website but also the way it accepts membership. It is by invitation only from already a member of Regular user is exempted from this step, however being a member has its privileges and benefits. This is where this latest classified ads website is unique from the others.

Also, the site is still in beta stage and will be launching on October 2015. The membership is free, free to post forever and it plans to empower advertisers and sellers to create a dynamic, vibrant community of online marketers.

Other features include an ability for members to autopost their ads to their facebook timeline, page or group from within the interface. You can schedule posts or save post for reuse later.

If you are a real estate sales practitioner and wanted to expose more of your ads online then you might want to check out Its Free, its easy, simple to use and gets results!