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Ways Your Business Can Make the Most of the Tourist Season

Welcome aboard 2014, indeed. You might still be reeling from the hectic schedule you had during the Yuletide season. Technically, there are no rest days for the savvy entrepreneur especially during festivals and holidays. Speaking of which, another big event is expected this January. Sinulog is indeed fast-approaching and what does this spell for businesses — big and small — in the province?

Ways Your Business

Profits, and more profits.

Basilica del Santo Niño’s sidewalk vendors are now bracing themselves for the expected increase in the demands of their products ranging from Sto. Niño statuettes to native delicacies. And the thing is their customers do not only comprise of fellow compatriots, but also a battalion of visitors coming from different parts of the globe.

If you are a newbie to the entrepreneurial scene, then get hold of these seasonal marketing techniques to help you generate a substantial amount of income during Sinulog and all the other tourist-drawing Philippines holidays/events — or perhaps all throughout the year:

  • Plan as early as possible. This is already a given; however, it needs to be reiterated. Whatever you’re offering, keep in mind the importance of approximating the goods and/or services you’ll be making available to the market in a particular season. Usually, seasoned entrepreneurs make it a point to keep in touch with customers all year round through newsletters, emails offering coupons and the like. The goals to keep in mind are how you can bring them in and bring them back next time.
  • Consider having a seasonal workforce. Some businesses often buzz during usual vacation times. Some are part of the tourist trade. If your business happens to be like this, then start scouting your seasonal workforce now.
  • Reach out to tourists. Sinulog is fast-approaching, indeed. Anticipate uber-busy streets, crowded establishments and fierce competitions between same-idea businesses. So, what do you do? Reaching out to travellers can be done through strengthening your marketing and advertising efforts. A little persuasion might help, too. One great idea is to source local. Tourists are usually interested with something that’s not found in their homeland. Cashing in on what your area has to offer is another tried-and-tested technique as well.
  • Take advantage of technology. Attracting passers-by is possible thanks to mobile technology. Apps such as Living Social and Foursquare allows businesses to post their location, limited offers and other relevant information for others to check into. Moreover, make use of social media and blogs to further spread the word.
  • Get involved in local events. Whether you’re sponsoring or participating, local festivals, carnivals and fairs will allow you to promote your brand and widen your audience. But first, pick an event that would fit right to your business. The popularity of the event will likely define your business’ PR.
  • Get in touch with local business groups. Partner up with organisations like the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other sector organisations for your new small business to become more exposed.

Once you commit to widening your reach, you’re also allowing your business to grow and expand. Who knows? A tourist may fall in love with your products/services — then, the rest will be import history.

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