The Five Key Ingredients of the Perfect Commercial Property in Cebu

An office is more than just a roof over employees’ heads. It communicates the corporate personality to customers, investors, and workers. Internally, it can pay dividends if it inspires creativity but can hamper production if your people are desperate to escape every day.

With this in mind, it is clear the space you choose in the Queen City of the South can have a lasting effect on the success of your company. Whether you are looking at moving your small enterprise into its first headquarters, downsizing to balance the books, or upgrading to suit your growing needs, here are five major factors that should influence your search.

Buildings in the Cebu Business Park


Where you establish your home base will depend largely on the type of business you run. If you deal in retail goods or personal services, it is ideal to choose a central location like the Cebu Business Park. This way, current and prospective clients can easily get to you. However, if you focus more on remote activities or logistical work, it is all right to pick a place in the suburbs. What is most crucial is that the area you pick has to help you build and keep a nice reputation for your operation.


Commercial spaces are expensive, there is no way around it. The primary expense, of course, is the rent but entrepreneurs should also consider the cost of buying furniture, laying flooring, and installing all of the technology a company needs to operate. Air conditioning, electricity, renovations, and maintenance must be included in the budget computation as well. There are many things you will need to spend on. Fortunately, if you opt for serviced offices, you should be able to remove many of those items from your checklist.


This is especially important for start-ups. While you will want to remain modest and pay for only what you need in the short term, it is good to have the option to expand quickly along with your local business. The best way to do this is to have an “upgrade feature” in your leasing contract which will allow you to easily move to a larger space without having to pay any fees. Property providers such as Regus can offer you this option but you will have to ask.


The value of a secure workplace cannot be understated. Clients who do not feel safe visiting your premises are not likely to transact with you again. Personnel who are uncomfortable in their own working environment will not be able to focus on their jobs. This is why you should perform detailed research about the area and its reputation before signing any papers. If you can, avoid buildings near slums or other shady spots.

Example of a conference room


Negotiating all the little extras should be part of finding the right office. A conference room, in particular, is essential for meeting with clients, investors, partners, or staff. Then there are also the printers, internet access, telecommunications, copy machines, and other technology to think about. Nearby establishments should also be considered for the comfort and convenience of your employees. Having restaurants, banks, pharmacies and grocery shops in the vicinity is a good idea for a happier and more productive workforce.

It is true that it is not going to be easy to seek out the perfect business centre in Cebu or in any other city in the Philippines. More often than not, you will have to search for a few months before you even find anything worth checking out. But when you do, it is good to know about the five key ingredients discussed above so that the evaluation process would proceed quickly and efficiently.


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